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Default Re: GURPS: Spaceships Questions

Originally Posted by Rigil_Kent View Post
2. The whole Delta-V/"mps" stuff. Is this even applicable to Traveller or Star Wars kinds of ships that have /c in their Move? The ships I've really looked at will generally have something like 1G/c or 4G/c in Move, not something with MPS, yet there are constant references throughout to MPS (e.g., "Disable Fuel Tank" on p62.)
For the most part, a ship with /c speed can just ignore anything that involves spending or losing delta-V. They are limited by how quickly they can accelerate, but not how long. Generally, if they have fuel tanks, it is used for something else (stardrive fuel, for secondary reaction engines used under conditions where the reactionless drive doesn't work or isn't adequate, or because the ship is designed to serve as a tanker or service ships that don't fit reactionless drives).
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