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1. Are all events in a round simultaneous or do they happen in the order established? For example, say you have PC Ship and Bad Guy Ship engaged in a voidfight. PC Ship goes first 'cause their pilot is better or the captain won the opposed Tactics check or whatever. In the Gunnery part of the round, the PC on the weapons kicked butt and straight up critted the bad guy and then the Bad Guy Ship totally failed to dodge all of the other shots, so he takes like 10 laser shots to the hull. In the course of the damage dealt, the Bad Guy Ship goes to -1xHP and fails the required HT check which, by the rules, means it is destroyed. Does this mean the space combat is over right then or does the Bad Guy ship still get to make this rounds actions and then goes boom? I'm just not clear on that part. The space combat rules in Traveller: Interstellar Wars implies (or at least I infer) that everything happens simultaneously so ships could blow themselves up in the same round.
The verbiage on page 49 is perfectly clear on defining a sequence for actions.

GURPS Traveller: Interstellar Wars doesn't use GURPS Spaceships, it has its own system. I can think of no reason to expect rules from the former to have bearing on the latter. I don't know right off whether it has simultaneous turns, but GURPS Spaceships certainly does not.
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2. The whole Delta-V/"mps" stuff. Is this even applicable to Traveller or Star Wars kinds of ships that have /c in their Move? The ships I've really looked at will generally have something like 1G/c or 4G/c in Move, not something with MPS, yet there are constant references throughout to MPS (e.g., "Disable Fuel Tank" on p62.)
Mostly, no - if you have unlimited delta-V there's no reason to track spending it. And obviously you cannot lose a fraction of your infinite delta-V as a result of losing a fuel tank that isn't even involved in feeding the thruster.

Stuff about spending delta-V does tell you a bit about how much you're using your thrusters, if you're interested in that.
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3. Related to that, if a Traveller or SW ship that doesn't have MPS in the Move (e.g., 2G/c) ends up with a disabled or destroyed fuel tank, does that actually apply to the combat? The way I've been reading Traveller stuff, for example, it shouldn't since those fuel tanks appear to principally be for the Jump drive. Right now, it seems like the only thing that would actually slow such a vessel down is if a weapons shot struck the maneuver drive although, interestingly enough, there isn't a specific reference to Disabled drives in the damage section.

Thanks in advance...
Losing fuel tanks won't slow down a rocket either - just stop it dead if it runs out...

Anyway, no, there is no specific reference to disabled drive because there's no need for one. The section starts with a blanket rule: "If a system is disabled it is normally no longer functional."

The systems that are mentioned are ones that either violate that by retaining partial functionality, have contents whose fate needs to be addressed, or in the case of life support a relatively obscure functionality that might be overlooked.

Rockets and reactionless thrusters alike are not noted (except by way of being volatile systems if applicable) - which means they simply lose their functionality per the general rule.
I don't know any 3e, so there is no chance that I am talking about 3e rules by accident.
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