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Default Re: Is JTAS still going?

Originally Posted by SteveS View Post
It seems like you're the person that offers these can't-say-much updates. Are you some sort of employee or contractor for Marc, or just someone with some inside information who isn't authorized to share it?
In between. I run his BBS. I wind up with drafts of all sorts of interesting things. I've been sent several CD drafts that are not yet for sale and have not yet been formally announced. At least one of them I expect to not get released, at least not in the near future.

I previewed and improved some OCR on one CD that has since been released; not everything on that CD is OCRed. And what is OCRed on that disc still ain't perfect, but at least it's reasonably searchable now.

All I can legitimately say is that progress is being made on making the SJG JTAS and GT material available again. I don't know the contractual side, I do know that Marc has the material in a readable format. And when Marc makes the announcement via email, I'll make certain it gets made here, too, presuming Loren doesn't beat me to it.
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