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Default Re: Is JTAS still going?

Originally Posted by SteveS View Post
Personally, however, I would have liked the opportunity to sign up for JTAS after the expiration of the licensing agreement just so I could download all the back catalog of JTAS articles to read them off-line, even if I didn't get any credit for unused time.

There is some hope for those of us who don't have copies of the archives, if I'm reading this post correctly and what was posted is accurate (rather than wishful rumour):
Originally Posted by tjoneslo View Post
From what I've been told, Far Future Enterprises gets the copyright and archives of JTAS and all the GURPS books at the start of next year. From there, the plan is to release the collection on a CD-ROM like the other collections of Traveller books. When the release occurs is unclear. Based upon Marc's previous release schedules it will be at best sometime in the summer.

Beyond that I know nothing more.
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