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Default Post-Apoc Cinematic Campaign - I'm stuck

Hi all

I'm stuck with my campaign and hope to find an elegant conclusion with your help.

The setting is post-nuclear-apocalyptic west coast North America, the PCs are "Vault Dwellers" (Remember Fallout?), they so far helped a little farming community near their vault to get clean water and rescue citizens from slavery.
They participated in a race across the wastelands to New Vegas in which they - unknowingly - killed the son of the head of one of the New Vegas crime families. At the same time, they got a secret mission from the "Followers of the Apocalypse" church to get information in New Vegas about Weapons of Mass Destruction being secretly built by one of the crime families.
Since the PCs placed second in the race they participated in, they are now well known in New Vegas. Unfortunately, the crime boss got wind who killed his son and so he put out a bounty on PCs. This crime boss - one of five in New Vegas - is also the one developing the W.M.Ds - he does this because he wants to threaten to kill off or enslave the populace of the farming communities that surround New Vegas.
The PCs know that the family looking for them is also the family developing the W.M.Ds., so they decided to go to another family - since these gangster are not able to openly support the PCs (This would cause a gang-war to ensue in New Vegas) they negotiated a deal: If the PCs get the antagonistic crime boss to sign over all his belongings to the other family, they get protection, the W.M.Ds. and a reward.

Now, an assault on the adverse crime families headquarters is a very dangerous undertaking as it is well guarded and heavily fortified.

Do you have any suggestion on a conclusion of this story line? Of course, I would like to see the PCs succeed, but not without tackling some obstacles first.

If you have any ideas, I would be very grateful if you could share them with me!



ps. One of the PCs does not like his character very much and I've talked to him (and only him) about the possibility of a heroic death of his PC, and he is ok with it... I'm not sure wheter I should do it, but if it would help your idea... just kill the dude! ;)

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