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Default Re: Staff Spell Item Prerequisites

Originally Posted by Johnny1A.2 View Post
I would tend to [rule...] that you have to get it from a certain kind of tree that's suited for the role. Some places might have groves of that kind of tree growing, and harvest branches periodically for staves. It might incorporate jewels and stuff, of course.
I was toying with replacing Staff spell with a CF (+3 or so would leave a Quarterstaff Staff at the same cost) representing being made of magically conductive materials.

To accommodate requiring a wizard to make his own Staff, this would only require a suitable Smith or Armory specialty, possibly with a technique (Staffworking, defaults to Armory-5 or Smith-5, benefits from Magery, and at an additional -5 for each of Low Mana and lacking Magery 0, impossible in No Mana Zones), rather than Staff spell's 11 prerequisites.
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