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There's a certain simplicity to that. So, the clothing still appears the same, but is adjusted to fit the new appearance?

I don't know, that does simplify matters and allows for Disguise to really be different than Glamor by itself. It would lead to oddities sometimes. If you changed into a large wolf, you would be a large, clothed wolf unless you went nekkid. If you were holding a sword, it would appear as if there was a sword attached to one of the paws. (I'm assuming you don't have to crawl to be in wolf form, but maybe I'm wrong.)

That's Henry's solution too, I think. It's simple in application and the principle is fairly clear. The body changes appearance and clothing changes only enough to fit the illusory body.

Far as I can tell, the only restriction on Glamor is in terms of size (and that is asymmetrically about growth, not shrinkage). I wonder if you could turn into a mustard jelly in appearance (clothed, per your rules) or a table (with a leather tablecloth perhaps) or should the spell be restricted to humanoid or maybe quadrapedal forms?

Thanks, Kiediccus. Getting other opinions does help me figger out how I want to play it. I have a certain NPC wizard with Glamor who likes to go incognito and I need to know how much effort it takes him to change into another form. Questions about the mustard jelly and table are just musings. I don't have a use in mind for those, but they're not hard to imagine.

ETA: Maybe Glamor is to Shapeshifting as Illusion or Image is to Summoning. Glamor is just an illusory shapeshift. If so, the following text is suggestive.

Furthermore, your clothes will not shift or vanish – you’ll need new ones.
This is, of course, more restrictive than Kiediccus's suggestion.

Shapeshifting says limitations on forms is up to the GM, which presumably applies to Glamor, too. No mustard jellies in my game. I think quadrapeds would be okay.

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