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Default Re: Bow draw weights and skill

Originally Posted by Empada View Post
Let's see.
looking at Task Difficult (B345) it seems like a very favorable task (+2 or +3).

you can make this shot with every bow or with your specific bow it seems a little more easy? maybe you have Weapon Bond, that gives you +1 to shoot with your bow only.

I'm not familiar with the pyramid article, but in Basic we have weapon quality (B274). It doesn't cover ranged weapons, but maybe your bow have a better quality, or the sight give more bonus. the weapons statistics are for lower TL.

If you search you can find more bonus so the skills falls between 10-12, and maybe you have some bow related Talent
These are good points. I've owned one other bow, but certainly fired my two bows the most and am familiar with how they feel that perhaps Weapon Bond is appropriate. As for Weapon Quality, yes, maybe +1 Acc is appropriate for my compound bow, but not the recurve. It's a good weapon, but it's of stock quality. But even +1 Accuracy and Weapon Bond would push my estimated base skill down to 14, which seems more reasonable.

Part of it is that hunting or stalking is a skill too, and setting yourself up for a good shot matters. You don't just take any shot, and you need the angle to the animal to be good - can you make a Targeted Attack with a ranged weapon?
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