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Gurps: Bellerophon

I'm starting a play-by-email(ish) group. I plan to handle most of the communication through email and a Google Group, with maybe a few group chat sessions thrown in at times or the use of a VTT like MapTool. Both myself and the few members I currently have are all new to GURPS, so keep that in mind. I've included a description of the campaign background below.

This scenario takes place in the relatively near future, no more than about 25 years from now. Scientists have recorded a steady increase in solar brightness over a period of several years. Within 50 years, the Earth will be uninhabitable if the brightness continues to increase. In very rapid succession a number of theoretical technologies are validated and a series of ships are rushed into production and launched as quickly as possible.

The Bellerophon crew has managed to survive their first day more or less intact. With the ship in relatively good shape, they've set a course for Ceti Alpha II. The first data should be coming back from their sensor probe in two months, and their deceleration will start two weeks after that. What will they find once they arrive, and will they manage to survive on this new world?

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