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Default Re: In which I post about a TL9 solar system

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
That does not work for the requirements of supporting 30 billion people earning an average of GURPS$47,000 per year on the Earth though. The energy requirements far outstrip anything we are familiar with and rapidly increase to a K1 level. It just becomes much cheaper and more more efficient to expand throughout the Sol System. Even supporting our current population at TL8 at GURPS$31,000 would require energy expenditures that would exceed global GDP because of the exponentially increasing energy costs.
You seem to have some conversion between watt-energy and dollars (GURPSBucks). I would be interested in a link or page reference.

Particularly since you have already stated that:
Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
For example, you would need an energy production of around 30 PW to support 30 billion people at TL9 average income (1 MW per person). The Earth only receives 170 PW of sunlight,...
And the above post seems to contradict that.
In which I post about a TL9-10 solar system

If you don't know why I said something, please ask. Assumptions are the death of courtesy.

Disappointed in the behaviour I have too-often encountered here.
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