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Default Re: The Immovable Foundation-Stone on which TFT Characters are Built

Originally Posted by Jim Kane View Post
No my friend Ty, I think you might want to go over the thing again, and see that adding an attribute as you describe as Power would have to come from a bifurcation of the ST stat as stated in the original Melee premise AND violate the Commutative Laws; and as stated: "The Commutative Laws of Mathematics DO NOT work for either subtraction nor division."

That's not me speaking, that is Arithmetic Law speaking.

The difference is when SJ added IQ it wasn't in anyway related to ST or DX, that is why it worked. Your Power stat would have to come from ST, and ST already exists in the original premise' so you would have to bifurcate ST to create Power; if you bifurcate, then you violate the original premise. SJ did not bifurcate anything - it was a clean add.

71. That is not the solution to Conan-the-Scholar. Go back to the OP (1), or flee (142). A little Death Test humor for you LOL!

<shrug> Well, that's the best way I can come up with to fix the Conan the Wizard problem with as little disruption to the rest of the system as possible.

And I posit that in the TFT world, ST is already effectively bifurcated. Sorta. Heroes use ST for 2 things - determining the size weapon they can use and absorbing damage. Wizards use ST for 3 things - powering spells, absorbing damage and determining the size weapon they can use. Yet ST costs the same for both heroes and wizards. Also, see my note below about how ST has had additional benefits bestowed on it, yet the "cost" has remained the same.

By splitting the power function out, ST now does the same thing for both Wizards and Heroes. And, you're doing the two things that need to be done (in my opinion).

First, you're removing the main incentive for Wizards to raise their ST to high levels. And you're doing this without having to mess with the magic system (other than replace "ST" with "PW").

Second, you're NOT reducing the value of ST to Heroes.

The second point is why I've resisted the common suggestion to add a "Health" attribute. While it makes ST far less useful to Wizards (thereby addressing the Conan the Wizard problem), it also makes ST much less useful to heroes. Which has the unintended effect of making DX even more valuable than ST, comparatively. This is already an issue in TFT; adding a health attribute makes it worse.

Besides, in Melee, ST was presumed to be as valuable as DX - which is why they cost the same. But when Wizard came out, ST received an additional advantage - it could be used to power spells. Then, in ITL, ST was given an additional advantage - at high enough levels, armor restricted you less (and you could use 2 handed weapons with 1 hand). Yet ST "costs" the same as it did in Melee, despite being more useful. So does the Law allow you to increase the uses (and therefore the value) of ST?

The only other low-footprint solution I can think of is to use IQ to power spells. But this would eliminate the "power vs. knowledge" dilemma that wizards currently have (and that I think is a Good Thing).

Oh, and if I added the PW attribute, I'd still only give starting characters 8 additional points (or whatever the applicable current number is).

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