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Default Re: Pinning down a fix

I assumed, since you were using Drain ST, that you weren't aiming to kill the opponent.

As far as occult strike goes, it's an attack, not a thrown spell, so you run the same (very small, per RAW) odds of hitting your ally with it as with any other attack, far as I can tell[1]. Of course, Staff III provides a boost to DX for the attack, but if you play according to RAW, you already have a +4 DX to hit a target in HTH[2] and the same bonus to miss your ally.

A pinned target could be an automatic hit or at least a significant bonus to hit.

[1] Please let me know if I've missed something here.

[2] I've houseruled away the +4 DX bonus to hit someone in HTH, because it makes accidentally hitting an ally too improbable for my liking. A DX 10 attacker has a 9% chance of missing the baddie, followed by a 9% chance of hitting the ally, so less than a 1% chance of accidentally injuring his buddy. Without the +4 bonus, the odds of hitting an ally goes up to 25%.
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