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Default Re: 43's Truck Stop: When Designs Go South...

Originally Posted by kjamma4 View Post
At this point, with the Combat Garage available, correcting designs is pretty much an exercise in futility as it's way easier to just design a vehicle from scratch.
Tuning illegal designs is useful practice for seeking efficiency and variety.

As many of the most contentious designs were entries into tournaments it could be cathartic as a participant in those tournaments as you can identify if the error was due to an external rules change (like the gas plants stat changes or the turret revisions) a single (and therefore likely accidental) oversight (like the CA in the Challenger) or a complete mess that should be wholly ignored as an urban myth (just as the joke vehicle in "...and course it was black" and most of VG3).

You can also judge the legal version against the illegal version to see if it would have made any difference to the ultimate outcome (assuming you were there). In the case of the Challenger, if the CA was never damaged then it's inadvertent inclusion did not affect the outcome and therefore the original outcome is probably fair.

The purpose of these books was to give us ready made vehicles to use in the game and to provide inspiration. I paid for them and I am going to flippin' well use them! Taking them as read (or adding minor corrections against the entries in the books) for minor oversights allows them to fulfil the first purpose. Redesigning the more cheat... er... unique designs fulfils the second.

Finally whilst there are theoretically infinite variations of vehicles you quickly realise what the "workable" configurations are. As a competent player many of my designs end up similar (why wouldn't you fit HTMs for example). Having oddball vehicles designed by someone else with a different perspective creates greater variety. It also keeps things honest as it stops me designing specifically against the players current vehicle set. Even an illegal vehicle is fairer than a custom PC killer.

If the PCs can buy one as well, albeit with a punishing maintenance overhead, balance is maintained.
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