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Originally Posted by swordtart View Post
As we have proven you can design an as-good (or given the space capacity in budget and space we both ended up with arguably better) without breaking the rules, is this rule breaker at a real advantage?
I'm not sure about "rules-breaking for advantage" -- put politely, _VG3_ hacked off a bunch of people back-when for designs like the _Pop-Cart_, or the Lux with *two* F-mount BCs; but it was never established *how* such designs slipped the editing process.

Hence my policy of "what are the fewest adjustments needed to bring the unit into line with the rules as-published" -- the vehicle should still be recognizable as what it was before the "corrections". Another example: _Challenger_ from _Combat Showcase_ -- when the (unfortunately-necessary) change to Component Armor rules was made, the design became illegal, as it had CA around the six spaces of RLs Forward. The simplest change was to delete the CA from the RLs, and put that cost and weight into something else (in this case: An Extra Mag for the SD B).
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