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Default Anti-wizard tactics

If a wizard is causing your group problems then there are four general ways to deal with the problem:

1: Outlast the wizard. If the wizard isn't being really effective against your team and is wasting ST on say illusions you rapidly disbelieve then your best option may be simply to ignore him until he runs out of ST/Mana/Power. You may need to dodge or defend for a while to run out the clock on the wizard.

2: Snipe the wizard. Lots of warriors have missile weapons that are a lot more cost effective than missile spells (dodging for a few turns while the wizard runs out of ST if you need to). The main problem is if the wizard put up Reverse Missiles as secret protection and your snipers wind up sniping themselves.

3: Jab and slash. If you can approach to a hex or two you can apply melee attacks that are not subject to Reverse Missiles. The wizard can still use other defensive magics, but if he is burning his own strength to do so this is a matter of running out the clock.

4: Overrun the wizard. Any wizard who depends on the mana and powerstones of a big stick is a lot less powerful once engaged in HTH and hence forced to drop that stick. Even if he pulls out a secondary silver dagger he's still without the big stick. Dagger staffs are resistant to this tactic and wands may or may not be allowed in HTH (ask your GM before trying this).
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