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Default Re: Return of the MNSH (Murderous Ninja Sniper Halfling)

Originally Posted by larsdangly View Post
I think it is pretty obvious a lasso should be treated as a thrown weapon with respect to range modifiers, which would go a long way to addressing your concerns
Not nearly long enough. But yes, it does seem obvious lasso should use thrown weapon range penalties.

To my mind the problem is not just balance, but that there are no countermeasures/defense, and no taking into account what the target's abilities are like. They're just out of action for 3 or more turns if the opponent makes their to-hit roll, whether they're ST 8 DX 8 and looking the other way, or ST 14 DX 16 and facing the lassoer with weapons ready.

The missile-scale range penalties just add insult to injury.

Bolas and whips have the same issue.

Whips are in some ways worse, because although they have reach 5, they have NO penalties for range, nor for intervening figures. So if they stand behind allies, they can trip people from 3 to 5 hexes away while not being reachable themselves due to the figures in the way.
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