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Default Re: Ritual Path Magic + Infinite Worlds: Cost for Planar Travel Across Quantum Levels

Originally Posted by sonic232 View Post
Create Nexus Portal: Create a gateway to a previously known world.

Greater Create Crossroads (6) = 6 x 3 for 1 greater effect = 18 Energy

+30 Energy per +/- 1 Quantum your target world is at.
Looks fine to me.

Originally Posted by sonic232 View Post
Scry New World: Detect a new world. By itself, a success will discover a RANDOM new world. For anything else, apply the normal rules for Divination AND add a lesser Sense effect for a subject within the particular world you are looking for. Matter for an object, Mind for a person, Chance for an event, etc... For example, if you wanted to filter your results to only worlds that had Magic to guarantee a return journey once the portal closes, add a Lesser Sense Magic effect. You must put in enough energy to cross the maximum number of Quantum it could potentially cross. Otherwise, it will automatically fail!

For same Quantum: Greater Sense Crossroads (2) + Greater Sense Chance (2) = 4 x 5 for 2 Greater Effects = 20 Energy

Add 50 Energy per +/- 1 Quantum you want to account for. This means detecting a new world 2 Quantum away would be 120(!!!) Energy. Obviously this means it will be MUCH easier to pinpoint a world if you can get somebody to take you there or you have some other connection to the world, especially for greater Quantum distances away.
Also seems fine.

Originally Posted by sonic232 View Post
Sense World of Origin: Discover the world a subject is from. Do not apply Quantum costs: The subject is right there, you're just finding out his hometown.

Greater Sense Crossroads (2) x 3 for 1 Greater effect = 6 Energy.

Originally Posted by sonic232 View Post
Hrm, that'd change some of my proposed costs a bit, but I guess it does depend on how fast and loose you'd want to play Crossworld travel. So with that, even staying on your Quantum level would still cost +10 if its not in your world's pocket multiverse (personal astral plane, personal heaven, personal hell, etc...)?
It also jives with how Jumper works in GURPS Infinite Worlds. It becomes more difficult the higher in difference of the Q.

Originally Posted by sonic232 View Post
With Banestorm, I don't think its that there's difficulty with travel, just more that spells having to do with Planar Travel are suppressed? After all, that's how one of the Infinity Patrol agents that got stranded there got back.
It's more like getting out if I remember correctly.
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