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Default Re: Ritual Path Magic + Infinite Worlds: Cost for Planar Travel Across Quantum Levels

Originally Posted by sonic232 View Post
My question is fairly basic. I'm getting ready to unleash Ritual Path Magic on my Infinite Worlds campaign, but there's a few things that I want to see if they're fair or not. I know that to cross dimensions, it should be a Greater Create Crossroads effect. The Secret itself should be a Hidden Lore and be necessary to be able to direct Crossroads effects to other alternate worlds. Each world itself would be a Ritual Mastery perk, not just the ritual to cross worlds.

As a base from GURPS Magic, Plane Shift doesn't appear to have SET penalties for moving between Quanta, but Infinite Worlds has the cost of jumping between Quanta with the Jumper advantage cost much more each time. For RPM, should the base +10 per dimension cross be used when going to a greater/lower Quantum or should some variant of the Range/Speed modifier be used?

The discovery of new worlds: This would appear to be a Sense Crossroads effect. Lesser if you are scrying a Nexus portal to see where it goes, Greater if you're trying to discover new ones (Though you'd need other sense effects to lock onto something about that dimension in the first place) or are trying to determine the dimension of origin of a Crosstime traveller. Once you've used Sense Crossroads to pinpoint a world, you should be able to use Create Crossroads.

I know this will become a question once I introduce RPM to the campaign, so I figured I'd get them taken care of sooner rather than later. So advice for these concerns and bringing up other concerns would be appreciated.

Yeah, I'd use +10 per Q-shift.
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