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Default Re: What if all skills were average difficulty?

Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
Were there any cases where, say, O'Neal (who probably had First Aid) was better at rendering first aid then, say, Jackson (who probably lacked it, at least early on)? I suspect in a setting like SG-1, having most characters attempt first aid at default (or maybe just IQ), with the medics being the ones who invest in Physician, may be most appropriate.
First Aid defaults to IQ-4 with bandages, or IQ-3 with a first aid kit. The average airman would be rolling against a 7. Everyone on the SG-1 team (with the possible exception of Teal'c) has higher than IQ 10, so they'd be in a slightly better position, but rolling against, say, an 8 isn't great odds for first aid. I think enlisted airmen could roll against a default, but I think any officer would take one point of First Aid. (I don't claim this represents the real Air Force, just the Stargate SG-1 version.)

For something like Stargate, I'd be strongly tempted to just have a single unarmed skill, probably functioning roughly like Karate in terms of mechanics.

Again, for Stargate, a single grappling skill - probably Judo rather than Wrestling - is probably fine.
I agree: one striking skill, one grappling skill. Probably Boxing and Judo. Teal'c would have Karate instead of Boxing. We've seen Carter being good at Knife skill, and Teal'c has Staff skill.
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