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The obvious way for the locational ones is to make him buy the Background Knowledge perk for his new location, which is all about giving you a set of defaults you wouldn't otherwise have.

Anything social probably comes with Cultural Familiarity.

For the technical ones it's trickier. Move to a higher TL and you presumably get them once you buy off Primitive, but the reverse isn't addressed. I personally go with a Tech Familiarity advantage for any TL covering all your skills and defaults for 5 points, but RAW I guess it is impossible to ever adapt.

Edit: it's probably fair to extend the 4 hours per day of immersion to all of those, so for a new language [6] plus Cultural Familiarity [1] plus Background Knowledge [1] plus Tech Familiarity [5] you need 650 days, about 2 years of total immersion before you blend in completely. Seems about right, immigrant kids can blend fairly invisibly in two or three years anyway.
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