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Default AresCal: a Martian Calendar

'Evening, folks. Sorry to open with crass commercialism, but then, I am an anarchocapitalist, after all...


So, yeah. For various and sundry reasons I've been working on a Martian calendar app (for iPhone), which has just now gone live on the App Store.

And having got done coding that to handle the regular Darian calendar and Airy Mean Time, it occurred to me - having bought pretty much every TS book the moment it hit the marker on account of the overlap between two of my very favorite interests, three if you count the Duncanites...


Where was I? Oh, yeah. Pretty simple to throw in support for the slightly variant Darian calendar that TS uses, bonus-wise. (And also the one Eclipse Phase uses, if you happen to play both.)

Anyway, here it is:

Alas, the app itself isn't free - a man's got to make a living somehow, don't'ch'know, and like I said, I am an anarchocapitalist - but I like to think it's pretty reasonable.

Have fun with it! If you have any ideas for enhancements, feel free to drop me a line. (Time zone support is already on the list for 1.1, FWIW, so I've already got that one on the list.)

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