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Originally Posted by Ragabash Moon
As for the support in a 1G enviriontment, that's possible too, but the main concern is it's too damn heavy to leave the atmosphere... it would crash (not to mention the rentry would turn it into a ball of firey death).
And even if the Star-Destroyer(tm) burn down in re-entry, we must remember that the hardenend material used to build such a warship is way more dense than the average meteor. So yeah, the impact would create a mess. Let's compare it to the latest "DoomsDay Meteor"; the Apophis.

It's called Apophis. It's 390m wide. And it could hit Earth in 31 years time

Scientists call for plans to change asteroid's path Developing technology could take decades

Alok Jha
Wednesday December 7, 2005
The Guardian


Nasa has estimated that an impact from Apophis, which has an outside chance of hitting the Earth in 2036, would release more than 100,000 times the energy released in the nuclear blast over Hiroshima. Thousands of square kilometres would be directly affected by the blast but the whole of the Earth would see the effects of the dust released into the atmosphere.
So let's see this; the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima was in the magnitude of 14 Kilotons of TNT.
The bigest nuclear bomb ever detonated was the Sovietic bomb named "Tsar Bomba" and had a yield of 50,000 Kilotons.

That "little" rock would have the punch of 1,400,000 kilotons. of TNT.

In GURPS terms, it means 6D x 5.6 X 1010 of damage.

Now, let's imagine something more dense, say a Star-Destroyer(tm) hitting a planet...


EDIT: I made a mistake in my maths. There's 2000 pounds in a ton, not 1000. this means that the power of the impact must be twice the previous number. It's now correct.

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