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Default Re: Planet Destroyers

Originally Posted by lwcamp
This could work for Star Wars, but in real life, the hydrogen in a gas giant is far too diffuse to start a runaway fusion reaction. Heat the stuff hot enough and you might get a small contribution from fusion, but less than your input energy. Normal hydrogen is horrid stuff for fusion anyway. To get any reasonable rate of fusion you need heavier isotopes (deuterium, tritium, helium-3, etc.).

Yeah, like I said, I think the intention was that the laser wouldn't phase Yavin significantly. I think it might Bespin though, as Bespin is highly flammable, that's the whole point of "Cloud City" they are mining the gases for fuel.

So, really once again, I say that when it comes down to damage enough to destroy a planet, one only needs to say it does, and set stipulations, like maybe a planet the size of earth, kaboom, jupiter, maybe a large chunk and annihilate the atomosphere. The actual amount of damage in dice just seems like unnecessary math to me.

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