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Default Re: Planet Destroyers

Originally Posted by Toubrouk
The Executor would fall into the range of 11-12 miles, not 5.

Here's for your info:

But even then, can a Star-Destroyer would be able to support his own weight in a 1G environment? I had always had the feeling that those ships had a tough external shell and no structure inside.

Another point; what kind of fuel they are using? Maybe the worse damage a Star Destroyer can do to a planet is by a catastrophic fuel explosion. Let's keep in mind that Anti-Matter do 6D X 2.27 X 10^10 explosive damage by the pound. This let me say that planetfall is the least of their worries...
True, but still the sheer size crashing into, say Coruscant... That's going to take out a large portion of city, and the debris and such kicked up would do some serious damage. That, after all, is similar to what happened to the Nohgri home planet... A battle over their homeworld, ships crashed, and pretty much devastated them, Vader came in and saved their butts, and they became his personal assassins, their entire species serves Darth Vader without question (and later, "Lady Vader" as they call Leia). Vader wouldn't have had the chance to "enslave" them if star destroyers didn't crash on their planet.

As for the support in a 1G enviriontment, that's possible too, but the main concern is it's too damn heavy to leave the atmosphere... it would crash (not to mention the rentry would turn it into a ball of firey death).

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