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Default Re: What mix would you choose to defend that CP?

Interesting choice, but...
Shouldn't you get a number of INF anyway without having to pay AU for them? I mean, the III-B is worth 20 armor units vs. 17 AU for the plain MK III. I get that. But the basic defense against a MK III is 12 AU of armor AND 20 points of INF (just under 7 AU) for a total of just under 19 AU. So since a III-B is worth 3 AU more than a MK III, shouldn't you get some additional INF for your force? I'm thinking that a III-B standing in for a MK III should get the defenders an automatic push up to 14 AU of armor and a starting INF force of 24 points of INF (8 AU.) Sooo, if you do not increase your INF, you should be entitled to 2 more AU of armor. If you were playing against me (and I had a III-B) that is what I would offer you.
If you agree, what would you spend the 2 extra AUs on?
And to answer your original question, I'd cut out the HWZ, add 2 more HVYs and 2 more MSLs (because of the extra 2 AUs gained above if you agree.) Otherwise, I'd go with the rest of your force.
Why? Those extra 2 missiles on the III-B gives the Ogre player a LOT more options. I agree with your GEV/LGEV amounts as that gives you a good "hounding" force that can keep nipping pieces off it and hopefully induce the Ogre into using more missiles than it really should in the early to mid-game. But with 4 missiles, there is too much chance the Ogre will range the HWZ before it can get enough shots off to justify it's cost.
Just my opinion. I've lost too many games to be considered a sage on tactics...
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