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Default What mix would you choose to defend that CP?

To defend my CP vs an OGRE Mark 3B (20 armor units) I would choose:
24...Infantry squads (8au)
4.....LGEVs (2au)
3.....GEVs (3au)
2.....Hvy TNKs (2au)
2.....Lt TNKs (1au)
2.....MSL TNKs (2au)
1.....Howitzer (2au)

What would YOU choose for a Mark 3 (17 armor units) or Mark 5 (25 armor units)?
I had a battle on October 20th on the crater map:
Combine OGRE Mark 3B vs Paneurpean 6 sprHVYs and 4 Howitzers.
Only 2 SpyHVYs and 2 Howitzers survived. The OGRE killed the CP but was tread immobilized on it's way out. Partial draw or a loss? You decide.
The name of the OGRE?
I record all my battles on the back of the OGRE record card that is 3"x2.5". I do this so I can test different army mixes against certain OGREs.
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