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Originally Posted by acrosome View Post
OK, after all of that effort I have now discovered SIMBAD. Wikipedia seems to imply that it's kept up to date regularly.

Anyone know just how trustworthy and up to date it is?

I ask because I searched for objects within parallax of 66 mas (about 14 parsecs) on SIMBAD and got 1313 objects. But when I went through XHIP, RECONS, and CTIOPI for the same radius and removed redundant entries I only ended up with 677 objects. Granted some of them are multiple systems that weren't split out, but not enough to account for that much of a difference.

Should I trust SIMBAD more? Some of it's entries are described as odd things like "Infrared source".

EDIT-- Wow. There are 207 HABCAT stars within 14pc of Sol. I'll end up shaving a lot of those off, though, since I plan on making cube-shaped sectors each about 10pc on a side. (Thus from vertex to vertex is about 14pc, which is why I'm searching that far.)
CTIOPI and RECONS, at least, are specifically focused on things within a radius of 10 pc, so they're not trying to be complete at larger distances. They're naturally going to be missing stars further out.

SIMBAD is one of the main astronomical databases, specifically for stars. (It has coordinates for lots of galaxies, too, but the NASA Extragalactic Database is a better resource for galaxies.) It's very heterogeneous and not trying to be complete for individual parameters (like parallax).
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