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Default Re: [Magic] How much food can the Blossom spell produce?

Donīt neglect trace elements, without them you suffer and die also from malnutrition.
Then there is the fact that vitamins differ in water soluble and fat soluble, from the last the body has sometimes long reaching resevers, namely some B vitamins. Some Veganer think they need only plants as food, problems occure when their supply of this vitamins is dropping low, which happens often during pregnancy. Also the fat soluble vitamins are poisonous if you eat to much, the body has trouble getting rid of them. There are 11 of them which the bocy canīt make by himself.
For the essential amino acids, 9 exactly says the WHO, you too have a supply but after that you better refuel.

While Iīm neither a medical expert, nor a botanist I think half a dozen well chosen plants can be enough to keep you alive and in shape. That doesnīt mean that more variation inīt hwlpful, or wanted.
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