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Default Re: Meteoric iron immunities

Originally Posted by Evil Roy Slade View Post

Would meteoric iron pass through an Utter Dome?
Yes. Magical defenses never affect it.

Originally Posted by Evil Roy Slade View Post

Could it be Plane Shifted?
No. Magic spells can't be cast on it directly.

Originally Posted by Evil Roy Slade View Post

Could you Blink with meteoric iron on your person?
Yes. You don't become immune to magic just because you're carrying a meteoric iron token of negligible weight.

With meteoric iron, always ask two questions:

1. Is a spell being cast directly on the meteoric iron object?

2. Is the meteoric iron object (e.g., a meteoric sword or arrow) encountering magic intended as a defense against that kind of object in general (in those cases, swords or arrows)?

If the answer to either is "yes" (Y/Y, Y/N, or N/Y), then the magic doesn't work. If the answer to both is "no" (N/N), then the magic does work.

So you can walk through magical gates, Blink, teleport or be teleported, etc. while carrying meteoric iron gear. No problem. That's because such things are intended as transport, not as defenses, and they affect the carrier, not each item of gear individually. On the other hand, meteoric iron shackles are intended as a defense against someone leaving, so someone bound by them couldn't just teleport away from them, even if they could teleport with the same shackles in their backpack.

I will go on record as saying that this is very much one of those "power of plot" things, as magic is wont to be. Don't try to apply scientific thinking or you'll end up wearing it on your face like a smoothie from an uncovered blender. Just ask the questions and accept the answers.
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