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Default Re: [Basic] Disadvantage of the Week: Nightmares and Sleepwalker

I've made a Dark Flier build who has affinity for some nature spirits. She has sleepwalking and during her "sleepwalking" episodes she has vivid visions of Fire spirits. The family she was born into is still pretty much an Old Faith (those whom worship animistic spirits instead of gods) and she gets powers from these fire spirits to use devastating spells from the back of a Pegasus, though she's also good with a crossbow and a spear and she's a decent squad leader. The visions usually lead her to start controlled fires in her sleep (thus it's not Pyromania, her closeness with the fire spirits leave her very aware of proper fire safety even in her sleep). Never got to play her sadly, but it would have been nice. Maybe sleepwalking would make a nice Temporary Disadvantage on Power Investiture for more animistic divine casters as when they call upon the spirits, they will have vivid visions the next night that they react to even in their sleep.

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