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Default Re: Pros and cons of growing your own island nation?

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But whether or not you can be an effective state, in practice and not just in the letter of international law, has a lot more to do with the behavior of all the other states.
Make yourself useful in some way to one of the big powers, and get them to recognize you, and you've gone a long way toward it. If your world is like the real one of today politically, if you can get the USA, most of Europe, and China to recognize you, you're most of the way home.

Make a point of not being a thorn in the side of the big powers, and they might grant your recognition almost as a routine matter...unless your display of raw power in making the island has convinced everyone that you're a threat that has to be destroyed.

That could go either way, the recognition of that power might lead to respectful acceptance, or it might lead to all-out-attack.
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