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David Johansen
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Default Re: "Warhammer" in Dungeon Fantasy?

If you really want the Warhammer feel, Dungeon Fantasy's rules are fine. You probably want 50 point hirelings for the PCs if you want the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay experience.

So, to get the feel right

A PC should get dysentery from eating a pie.
As many PCs as possible should get tossed in the midden.
The PCs should acquire a river boat that gets burned.
A poxy nobleman should turn out to be a chaos worshipper.
A righteous priest should turn out to be a chaos worshipper.
An Ogre should fart in an enclosed space.
A terrifying witch hunter should try to burn some innocents.
A Skaven should be seen leaving the scene of a mysterious murder, nobody should believe the witness.

Feel free to add more suggestions folks.
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