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Default Re: (ultratech-horror) Can they still taste your fear in Nanostasis?

Originally Posted by jacobmuller View Post
I don't know if it's come up before, and it's pretty weird but, would something in Nanostasis be edible?
1: only if revived.
2: yes, but flavourless & hard to digest.
3: yup, although a fridge would be cheaper?
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Depends how you think nanostasis works. I would assume the nanotech is inedible but nontoxic, but it's rather probable that it gets combined with freezing anyway, in which case you probably do need to thaw them to eat them.

Now, on the topic of the question implied by the title of the thread, I would assume people who are neither conscious nor dreaming are incapable of feeling fear, so unless people in nanostasis can dream (which isn't very realistic but it's horror so realism might get tossed) things that eat fear would not find victims in nanostasis very appealing, and would prefer to wake them up to allow properly terrorizing them. Of course, if victims in nanostasis can dream, a bunch of people who are dreaming and unable to wake up would be lots of fun for a horrible nightmare monster.
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