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Default Re: Lost in Dreams (Jane Doe)

"Life Coach" is actually a fairly common profession among these people. There are several different schools of thought, methods, and philosophies a life coach can espouse. There are a few on this vessel, actually more than the statistical average, and they are currently one of the "short" categories.

A "solutions researcher" seems to be the closest to someone who looks into forgotten approaches. They sift through reams of data looking for previous solutions to problems, often dealing with the past, but just as often obscure companies or techniques developed and forgotten only recently in the past.

An ANI is very recommended for a solutions researcher, but rigs that make it possible to work without one are available. the term "disability compliance" float into Olive's mind, along with the thought about how uncommon historically such consideration is.

The Life Coach has more flexibility about the ANI. Actually, there are a few schools of thought that are explicitly done without an ANI, though they seem to be a bit more niche.
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