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Default Re: Cheat card regarding Hand requirement

Originally Posted by Illiniwek
Or does the Cheat card played on the modified 2-hand weapon eliminate the need to use any hand slots to wield it? If this is the case, with an Amulet of Dexterity, a Munchkin could wield three 1-hand weapons and the cheated 2-hand weapon!
Yes, that's how it would work. The Cheat card removes the restrictions on the Item it's attached to, which means that it no longer takes up a slot (Armor, Headgear or Footgear) doesn't require Hands, no longer has any Class/Race/Sex restrictions (basically, it doesn't matter what you are, you can use it) and if it has multiple Bonuses depending on the user's Race/Class/Sex, then it gives the biggest possible bonus.

In other words, if there was an Item that was Armor, required a Hand, and was only usable by a Female Elven Cleric, a Male Dwarven Thief already wearing Armor and wielding two 1-Hand weapons could play Cheat! on this hypothetical Item and use it.

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