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Default Re: Meteoric iron immunities

The "NMZ edge at the surface of the iron" model would let you Haste the archer. The spell doesn't cover the quiver, just the archer's body. It's when you actually embed the iron into the body that the question gets harder.

If one of the premises is that you can prevent a mage from teleporting because of embedded iron, then all the questions about other body-affecting spells arise. Blink away from the iron is reasonable, as the magic can't get inside that little NMZ, so the iron doesn't Blink. The rest of the mage does (presumably leaving an arrowhead-shaped hole, if you use bleeding rules).

Disrupting the mage's Blink is trickier -- including the NMZ would have to throw off the balance of the spell for some reason, so it aborts if it can't properly translocate everything within the boundary of the mage's body. Good thing those spells come with safety interlocks to avoid transporter accidents :) That's headed down the dark path of trying to defining an "object", with the Ship of Theseus and sorites lying in wait to ambush over-bold adventurers. (Is the roasted turkey leg the mage just ate part of his "body", and thus Blinks with him, or is that only true after the meal has been digested? Does Blink/Teleport Other just take everything within a surface envisioned by the mage (barring anti-magic effects), so you could teleport swarms as a unit, or two people in close combat, the whole party if they cram into one hex?)

But disrupting Haste because of an arrow in the archer's quiver would mean postulating that the iron a magic-disrupting field that extends beyond its own boundaries. Meteoric iron becomes a portable NMZ or Mana Damper. Also a possible premise, but one that leads to a different set of applications and setting implications.

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