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Enemy wizards got you down? Tired of that reptile-man shaman getting his friends hopped up to the nictitating membranes on magical goop before sending them out to fight? Never let it be said that Gnomco couldn't provide a solution! When thrown, this little gizmo will drain all of the mana from an area, then explode in a flash of energy that eight out of ten tests proved would not rip a hole in space or time. Best of all, there are almost no permanent aftereffects! Available now for the low, low price of 75 silver pieces, get your Throwable Mana Redistributor today!

Gnomco and its affiliate brands are not responsible for any permanent, impermanent, or existential damage caused by the incorrect or correct use of this product. Not recommended for use by children, the elderly, pregnant women, pregnant men, halflings, hobbits, primates, or their evolutionary descendants. DO NOT INGEST. If ingested, do not attempt to contact Gnomco support or poison control. Seeing a cleric also probably won't help, sorry.

This version of a Bottled Explosion (DFMI p21) drains mana from an area before exploding in a blast of reality-eating energy. On the turn this is thrown, the mana level (Spells p8) in the area drops by one. The mana level continues to drop by one level per turn until it reaches No Mana; the turn after that, an explosion dealing corrosive damage centers on the hex where the bottle landed. Unshaken, the area affected by the mana drain is 2 hexes and damage is 1d per mana level drained (2d in Normal Mana). Shaken for one turn, area is 4 hexes and damage is 2d per mana level drained; shaken for two turns, the area is 8 hexes and damage is 4d per mana level drained! After the explosion, the mana level in the area returns to its normal state. Rumors that these can open tears in reality are mostly rumors; the GM may decide to impose consequences for overuse. $1500, 1 lb.
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