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Default Re: Crime and Punishment for AIs

I am not quite sure how you could detect editing and/or copying, since any record of each would be digital, which could also be edited. An AI could copy itself, edit the copy record and memory of its copy, and then have its copy submit itself to authorities. When the copy finishes its sentence, the AI can remove the copy's memories of prison, instill the AI's memories of freedom into the copy, and then have an ally to help it commit even more crimes.

With bioshells, AIs can even pretend to be organic criminals, keeping backup copies of themselvss in case they 'die' when the police try to catch them. An AI could enjoy the pleasures of an organic body, including organic crimes, and jump bodies to avoid the authorities. You could even have an AI serial killer who converts its victims into cybershells, using its victims' bodies to commit other crimes, and just changing bodies when the heat gets too intense.

For example, imagine an AI who transforms the bodies of kidnapped young men into cybershells. A young man disappears for a couple of days and, when they come back, they seem to be much more confident than before. Eventually, the police find that the young man has been responsible for several horrific murders but, when they attempt to arrest the young man, they only find an empty shell, as the AI has transferred itself to a bioshell made from another victim.
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