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Default Re: Clarification on something related to Growth

Originally Posted by awesomenessofme1 View Post
What exactly does "Size limitation" mean in this context?
It sounds like it means the full -10%*Growth level, same with ST, but that doesn't make any sense.
If that were true, there would be points at which the price of Enhanced Move would net go down as you increased Growth level.
I'm not sure what you mean as limitations always decrease the cost of advantages, what doesn't make sense about it?

Originally Posted by awesomenessofme1 View Post
would it make sense to apply a similar system to DR?
IMO yeah, not to mention any innate attack reflecting natural weapons (giant dragons breathing bigger fires than tiny dragons)

Originally Posted by awesomenessofme1 View Post
Maybe, but the Fifty-Foot Man subtemplate for Brick in Supers uses Only when enlarged, -10% for its DR and DR. I'm not clear if that means it gradually appears or if it only appears when fully grown, but in either case, it suggests that it might not work that way. If only that template had Enhanced Move, my question would already have been answered.
Good find... I think for getting partial levels we might use "Costs Fatigue, Variable" (Power-Ups 8 pg 12) as an example of how ascending limitations begin low (initially -1 to hit for a 1d attack, or requires growing 1 size level to get 1 DR) but grow with a leveled advantage (-3 to hit for a 3d attack, or requiring growing 3 size levels to get 3 DR)

resembles "Declining Enhancements" (Power-Ups 4 pg 17)

If I recall right the cost works out something along the lines of half the value compared to the limitation applying fully at all levels instead of just the highest.
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