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Default Re: Discussion for new GURPS Traveller PbP game

Originally Posted by Dorin Thorha View Post
I think he is referring to the Rank advantages, 5 points/level. Merchant is listed as a possible type, along with Military, Religious, and Administrative, iirc. It is used in settings with an organised "Merchant Marine".
See post above, 42!

These Ranks will be Merchant Marine, yes. There are private merchants in operation also, but the Merchant Marine fleet has established maintainence facilities, fuel supplies, dining facilities and dormitories. They also provide you with the perishable supplies needed for your voyages like food and drink. These services are better on worlds with larger Starports, naturally, but even a world with a Class I Starport will provide you with spam/tunafish, TANG to drink, and a cot in their tent.

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