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Default Re: [Magic] 1001 Standard Magic Items

Originally Posted by schmeelke View Post
I'd like to see a modern-day (TL8) variant of this list as well as ultra-cheap items (suitable for buying with starting wealth -- at TL3 this is $1000 for Average Wealth).
Well, I'm not much for the TL8+ magic items. When I run tech+magic games I usually use an alternate magic system like a variation of the old Mage the Assention magic system that was converted to GURPS back in 3E.

As for the ultra-cheap magic item set, there are quite a few in my original list, but I have just looked through the Magic book a bit more, and expanding from my typical "elemental+meta+enchantment magic only" approach. Here's some of the list I've been working on...

Item Name: Rope End
Description: A 1 yard rope with a single chain link at the end allowing it to be tied to another longer rope or to be attatched to a chain. Upon command this rope will tie itself and untie itself. This is often used to allow climbers to untie a rope after they climb down it.
Materials Cost: 1 yard of rope (1/2" dia., 1600 lb) $1, 0.21 lbs.
Enchantments: Fasten (Tie) - 90 mana + Fasten (Untie) - 90 mana.
Notes: Enchanted twice with Fasten. Once to allow it to tie itself, and once to allow it to untie itself.
Price: $5941 / $181

Item Name: Cook Pot
Description: A pot that magically cooks 3 meals per day without fire. Any food put in the pot cooks in about a minute.
Materials Cost: $
Enchantments: $20 Cookpot, Iron, 1 Qt. 4 lbs.
Notes: This item can be used as a normal pot as well.
Price: $2,990 / $110

Item Name: Sack of Food Preservation
Description: This small waterproof sack holds up to 5 lbs of food and keeps any organic material that can fit within from spoiling, drying out, etc. Typically used in bulk by salors to hold fruites during long voyages to avoid scurvy. Advanturers will no doubt find other uses for such an item.
Materials Cost: $20 Pouch, Belt, Large (5 lbs cap) 1/2 lb.
Enchantments: Preserve Food (5 lbs) - 100 mana.
Notes: -
Price: $3320 / $120

Item Name: Lend Energy Bracelets
Description: These bracelets are handy for wizards, clerics or other casters who travel in groups and rely on spell casting. They allow the wearer to touch any other caster of similar type and transfer their FP or Energy Reserve to them.
Materials Cost: $10 Bracelet
Enchantments: Lend Energy - 100 mana.
Price: $3310 / $110

Item Name: Endless Quill
Description: This quill is enchanted so that it can write without ink. It can even write upside down, in water, or in space... buy yours today!
Materials Cost: $2 Fine Quality Quill
Enchantments: Inscribe - 30 mana.
Notes: -
Price: $32 / $32

Item Name: Multi-Color Stamp
Description: This is a round wooden disk about 4" in diamiter and about 1/2" thick. When placed on surface and a color is spoken, it stamps the surface with a circle of that color. Handy for marking passageways while exploring, marking your stuff or for just playing pranks and putting a big red circle on the barbarian's face.
Materials Cost: $0 wooded disk
Enchantments: Inscribe - 30 mana.
Notes: -
Price: $30 / $30

Item Name: Bell Tower Bracelet
Description: This copper bracelet with hourglasses enscribed vibrates on the hour every hour from 6 AM to 6 PM. Handy for knowing when shift changes occur or for guaging other time.
Materials Cost: $10 copper bracelet
Enchantments: Alarm (*12) - 60*12 mana.
Notes: The poor man's version of a Tell Time item which would tak 250 energy to create (past the 60 / 100 mana limit for q&d).
Price: $730 / $730

Item Name: Lightened Backpack
Description: This quick-release backpack is enchanted to lighten the load it is carying for the wearer. There are two versions of this item the Minor version that reduces weight of items contained by 25%, and the Major version that reduces by 50%.
Materials Cost: $300 Quick-Release Backpack (Holds 40 lbs; DF1,p25), 3 lbs.
Enchantments: Lighten Burden (25%) - 300 mana or Lighten Burden (50%) - 600 mana
Price: $10,200 or $20,100 / $6,300 or 12,300

Item Name: Gem of Spirit Detection
Description: This small quarts crystal glows, vibrates and emits a slight whine when a spirit (ghosts, spirits, undead, or similar supernatural entities) passes within 1 yard of it. Handy to test for possession.
Materials Cost: $10 quarts crystal, neg.
Enchantments: Sense Spirit (1 yard) - 100 mana
Notes: -
Price: $3310 / $110
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