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Item Name: Flame of the West
Item Type: Enchanted Bastard Sword
Description: Ancient flaming sword made by the Elves for long dead Kings
Price: $552800
Materials Cost: $18200
Materials: Bastard Sword ($650), Very Fine Quality +19CF, Balanced +4CF, Extensive Relief +4CF
Enchantment Cost: $534600
Enchantments all at Power 20: Name engraved on (200 energy, page M68,) Penetrating Weapon (5) (2,550 energy, page M63,) Accuracy +3 (5,000 energy, page M65), Puissance +3 (5,000 energy, page M65), Ghost Weapon (1250 energy, Page M65), Flaming Weapon (750 energy, Page M75), Quick-Draw (1500 energy, Page M63)
Function: +3 to Skill to hit, +5 to Damage, +2 Fire Damage if penetrates, Divides DR by 5, Hits insubstantial, Instantly ready
Notes: A Very Fine, Balance Bastard Sword

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