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Default Re: [Magic] 1001 Standard Magic Items

Item Name: The Tyrolean Plate
Item Type: High quality plate improved by enchantment.
Description: A suit of plate armor, engraved with scenes from a biographical novel about the original owner.
Price: $428,415.
Materials Cost: $342,615.
Enchantment Cost: $85,800.
Enchantments: Fortify 3 at 15 (800 energy, page M67), Lighten 50% at 15 (500 energy, Page M67.)
Notes: This is a suit of armor from one of my old campaigns. I wanted to rework it to Low-Tech standards. It has a full helm, gorget, corselet, arms, and legs of medium plate, and gauntlets and sollerets of medium segmented plate. One of the most finely crafted suits in existence, it has the Ornate (+3), Masterfully Tailored, Fluted (for the plate pieces,) and Hardened options, for a base weight of 37.14 lbs before enchantment. With Lighten 50%, the total weight is 18.57 lbs, with DR 8 on the hands and feet, and DR 10 otherwise.
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