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Default Re: Approaching TL9?

Originally Posted by Ulzgoroth View Post
There are clearly and undeniably TL7 (and TL8) piston-engined propeller planes.

Why would you object to considering the B-29 among them?
From what I saw at the National Museum of the USAF there is nothing about the WWII piston-engined propeller planes that would put them at TL7 but then again GURPS can really be inconsistent about what makes something TLx rather then TLy especially in 3e (which right now is all we have to work with for WWII outside of some of the stuff in Ultra-tech).

For example, in GURPS Steampunk the Land Ironclad is assigned TL5 even though the description states "it has one TL(5+1) innovation". That may have changed with the 4e updates to Steampunk but it does show that part of a newer TL doesn't make the whole machine the new TL.

I am curious, what would you consider an example of a TL8 WWII era improvement?

Originally Posted by Boomerang View Post
GURPS tech level rules are canon. Reality is merely poorly conceived fan fiction.
Therefore TL9 begins in 2025.
Cute but GURPS itself admits the 2025 is a guess (hence the 2025? in the basic set)

Besides if we go with the above literally "In terms of standard GURPS Tech Levels, World War II is late TL6. Internal combustion, heavier-than-air flight, electrical power, and radio are in regular use; experimental devices such as computers, rockets, and atomic bombs foreshadow TL7." (GURPS Weird War II 16) There are TL(6+1) innovations listed (Lifting Bodies, Wheelform Vehicles, Y-Wing Rotors, Arm Transmission, Vectored Thrust) and then there is also the stuff that didn't work (Project Saucer aka BMW Flügelrad V-3) or was still on the design board (VLTL Interceptor aka Focke-Wulf Triebflügel)

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