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The site only discusses how shardnets function, not whatever magic it is that allows Alice to chuck fireballs at orcs (one of the examples from Game Mechanics). The former are nearly identical (by design) to the way computers work, so you'd probably just rebrand the computer-related skills for dealing with shards (although given I expect this is part of the focus, you'll want to find a good system for handling computer hacking and the like in GURPS, and I'm afraid I can't help you there). Given this is meant to be similar to a standard fantasy setting (but with the inclusion of shardnets), you may be well served using the magic system(s) from Dungeon Fantasy (primarily a pruned version of GURPS Magic from what I understand, but there's support for a variant of RPM as well as Sorcery). If the magic is shard-dependent in some way, well, you may need to make some adjustments.
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