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Default Re: [MA] Finger Lock - what's the point?

Originally Posted by Tomsdad View Post
heh, groups are strangely brave and strangely not all at the same time, they work best with a leader (and a leader works best when they know know their mates will follow them in).

which I guess is a lot of military training in a nutshell!

Also trans-Atlantic language drift is funny here, when you say "public schools" to me it sound like you were jumped by some upper class rugger-buggers (who incidentally tend to work well in gangs due to training)!
No, that happened my second day of high school. Nasty sorts from Port Norfolk. I live in...well, it's a bad sort of place in some parts, good in others. My home is in the "good" part of town, but they bussed all sorts to the high school I went to (VA is in the back half of the 30s for crime rates in the US). We have lots of "wannabe" gangs and the real sort and it's not uncommon for some counties to have ten or twenty murders in a single day. Theft is extremely common here a is rape and other violent sexual misconduct. Drugs are another issue. It HAS gotten better since I was a kid, but not by much. 7 out of 10 people never finish getting a high school diploma in Portsmouth.
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