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Default Re: Reminder About Tone

Originally Posted by philreed View Post
. If The Fantasy Trip is going to be a success beyond the single Kickstarter project, it needs to appeal to new fans who don't have 40 years of history with it.

Play the game however you want to play it, but accept that other people may very well play it differently, and that's OK.

Very well said - All of it. I've trimmed a couple of really important elements of that initial post.
I'm sure we all want The Fantasy Trip to be a huge Kickstarter & retail success, to give a whole NEW generation that bug.

What would really help at this stage to get behind it, rather than rule tweaking, woudl be to help spread the word on social media and in games communities.

**Is it OK if I start a thread to help push the kickstarter on social media?**
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