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Default Re: Submit Errata for e23 In Nomine products

EDIT: I may sound crotchety here and there, but I do want to thank you for submitting the errata. It's good when people read something that closely. O:>

Note: Chris (now correctly listed as editor, but I may ask Scott to give him co-author credit) is the one who stripped down the complete character sheets I handed him. O:> Jonny-Seraph had Seraph of Destiny when he left my computer...

I'm wondering if I should suggest a companion piece here, or on Pyramid, which has the full character sheets (including the GURPS ones), to show off how point-balanced they were.

The Precision one has been spotted and fixed. I'm going to go through the most recent copy and poke at the rest.

I'm not sure I understand your "not a single base characteristic" errata --explain?

p. 7 -- ...I hate Balseraphs of Technology.

p. 7 also has a "what do we do with them?" section -- though it's true that the players won't be seeing that. Hmm.
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