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Default Re: Rarity level of cards and distrubution thereof

Originally Posted by Bithlord View Post
Hmm, I could have sworn they replaced the land slot. Oh well, my bad :). But, I *do* know that the stores are bringing that on themselves since the lands aren't supposed to be removed before drafting.
Actually at a MTG Draft, basic lands are supposed to be removed along with tokens. (7.7 Booster Draft Procedures
All players must open and draft the same type of booster at the same time. Players open their first booster pack and count the cards face down, removing token cards, rules cards, and any other non- game cards. Players who receive an erroneous number of card s at any time must immediately notify a judge. After picking up the booster, players should remove and keep any non- foil Plains, Island , Swamp, Mountain, or Forest basic land cards and/or any other cards that are not legal to use in the draft . Foil basic land cards should be left in the booster and drafted with the other cards. Players choose one card from their current booster pack and then pass the remaining cards face down to the player on their left until all cards are drafted. Once a player has removed a card from the pack and put it on top of his or her single, front face -down drafted pile, it is considered selected and may not be returned to the pack.)

I was hoping/expecting to find distribution rates as well, similar to the common knowledge that in MTG a Mythic replaces the rare at a rate of about 1 in 8.
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