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Originally Posted by UnknownMan View Post
No, not forgetting, but when we play, basically ...there can be only one...
Well, then your asking for a really really long game. I ran a demo the other night at a store. 8 people ended up showing up, 6 of which had never played before. When I started the demo only 5 people were there, all 5 were in the group of never playing before (the other 3 showed up a little later and I got them started in their own game). I joined the group of 5 and we played a very good game. So, in total there was 6 players (and yes we played with all 3 move, I had forgot to use the 2 move rule from the expansion, bad MIB) and we were able to finish the game in 4 hours. And remember besides myself (the person who was running the demo and had to keep an eye on the other table) everyone else were complete newbies to the game.

Had everyone been a little more seasoned to the game I think we could have finished in around 2 and a half hours to maybe 3 hours. Of course there were two winners, but that didn't make the game any less fun for everyone at the table.

But if you want to play cutthroat (which is perfectly fine) and only allow one player to win, you are going to have to expect long games. Well, unless some gets luckly. I have seen a six player game end in an hour and a half. The monster die was rolling only orange and that person was getting tons of dxm cards while no one else was. He was just unstoppable that game. He shot up to level 8 on his first turn and ended it his next turn.
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